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ENDOLIFT® is a minimally invasive outpatient laser procedure used in endo-tissue (interstitial) aesthetic medicine. We recommend it for the remodeling of both deep and superficial skin layers, toning, retraction of connective septa, stimulation of collagen production and, when necessary, the reduction of excess fat. 

Endolift® does not require incisions or anesthesia, and usually only a localized air cooling system is used to reduce any minor discomfort. In any case, depending on the patient's needs, the physician will decide to use a small amount of anesthetic to help the fiber enter under the skin without pain.


The procedure does not involve long recovery times and the patient immediately returns to normal activities. The results are not only immediate and long term, but continuous improvement can be seen for several months after the procedure as additional collagen accumulates in the deep layers of the skin.

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(non-surgical lyposuction)

Localized fat is characterized by an accumulation of adipose tissue in certain regions of the body. It is most frequently found in the flanks, abdomen, hips, upper legs and back, and is difficult to get rid of even with physical activity and diets.


The success of Hydrolipoclasia is provided by the high percentage of satisfied patients. It is four times faster than Medical Cavitation, which is why the treatment is so well accepted in specialized circles and among the medical community specializing in cellulite and localized fat.


It is essential that during the time of the Hydrolipoclasia treatment, patients adhere to a low-fat and low-alcohol diet to promote the metabolization of the fat that we have released.

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